DC Comics and Yoshinoya: Summer Plush Tote Collection

DC Comics and Yoshinoya: Summer Plush Tote Collection

Yoshinoya and DC Comics team up in Summer 2018

Hong Kong’s favorite DC Super Heroes Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman are at Yoshinoya stores throughout Hong Kong, the world famous Japanese beef bowl restaurant. The limited time promotion between Yoshinoya and DC comics ‘Chibis’ Series brings fans of all ages to collect this limited time promotion offer of a DC Chibis Plush Tote.

Maxx creative team designed a product that is both an adorable character plush and functional tote bag. The dual-purpose design appeals to a wide age spectrum of DC superhero fans and captures the attention of practical everyday shoppers needing a cute and environmentally responsible way to carry their goods.

Yoshinoya’s DC comic Chibis plush tote enable Hong Kongers to be more environmentally conscious by encouraging the use of the DC Chibis plush tote instead of a plastic shopping bag.

Patrons have the opportunity to redeem the plush/tote upon spending a certain amount in-store. Fans can bring their favorite superheroes anywhere they go. The promotion has been featured on Yoshinoya’s Instagram and Facebook page to drum up interest.

(The promotion runs exclusively in Hong Kong)